July 11, 2004
Just something I made

Hey there! Well being another BORING Sunday... I made this :) Im working on a music video right now and Im sort of in the middle of it, coming up with ideas... so wish me luck! :)

Well here it is (don't know what to think of it except that I kinda like it) lol

By me :)

Have fun... :)

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July 10, 2004
In a "devil"ish mood...

Well... I really admire and just adore Charlize Theron ever since I saw her In The Devil's Advocate with Keanu. Keanu's been in some good company in most of his movies and Devil's Advocate is one of my favorite of his. Al Pacino was also good in the movie. But I think Keanu and Charlize just flat out stole the show from Al.

Devil's Advocate

in character

I love it. It looks like they're really good pals! :)

Keanu and Charlize

Also... here is a link to an interview from the Sweet November promos... it's a Charlize interview and she says something about Keanu but since the translator is kinda shitty... I can't really understand the whole thing... lol still I thought I'd share

SN promo

SN Promo

Now here is the newly crowned oscar girl...

oscar girl

Still waiting for Keanu to be the newly crowned oscar boy... ;) it's coming baby!


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Mag Stuff

Hey! I was looking through some old magazines I got around the time I was on the hunt for anything on Reloaded and Revolutions, it lasted a while, so here is a little blurb from Maxim Magazine dates February 2004, with Uma Thurman on the cover.


Camera Lens

(I tried my best with the scan) You can't really see the lens here... :(

Film Flubs

Even big-budget Hollywood blockbusters sometimes make embarrassing mistakes.


The Matrix (1999)


Blunder: Look at the reflection in the doorknob on the oracle’s house, is that a camera lens? Yes, but the doorknob’s not real – it’s part of the Matrix. Did the Matrix create this “flub” on purpose? Then the Matrix knows about the movie about it. Whoa.


Another little thing from that same magazine that I found funny…


Mouth Off

Dr. Heckle


Why should those Rocky Horror Picture Show freaks have all the fun?

Here’s how to make your movie going experience more interactive.




Cue: Every time Neo does an ultra cool, slo-mo kung fu smack-down (which of course happens a lot during the epic Agent Smith Battle).

What to shout: “Most excellent!” in a super slow machine voice, followed by an air guitar riff.

Likely Reaction: Dirty looks from the die-hards. (just tell ‘em you know kung fu)

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June 28, 2004
First Wall

well here's the first wall! as I already mentioned, its from Matrix Revolutions. I don't know who the talented crreator is, so if you do, please help me give credit where is due.

Here's the wall, this one is 1024x768first wall

I really love it... hope you guys enjoy it

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June 26, 2004

Thanks to Nettie for making this beautiful wall for me... LOL I blushed when I saw it! Could it be Keanu's intimidating HOTNESS?? or Nettie's incredible talent?? I'll never know! LOL Bless your heart Nettie. You talented you! LOL


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Love the Revolution

Ok as most of you might have figured out, Revolutions is one of my favorite Keanu movies and my favorite in the trilogy, so to make things fun I'll post different walls through out the week, some made by me and some I that find off the net that I really like. Im off to work on that right now...

here's a screen grab...

ohh you beautiful baby...

oh Neo, why I love you so...
(oh the things I'd do to you right here babe)

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just playing around

hey guys! sorry its been a while been REALLY busy and tired lately! anyways I got this crappy program to make gif files and if having a shitty program isnt enough, having no talent nor ideas for it makes it worse, here's what I first made... those of you with experience, dont you dare laugh! LOL


Oh, how I wish that was my hand, gotta love Neo!! :) xoxo ;)

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June 15, 2004
Sweet Julian

hey! well I watched Somethings Gotta Give today with my mom and aunt and all three of us were DROOOOLING over Julian. They were yelling at Diane Keaton and betting who she was going to stay with... they havent seen the entire movie yet, something came up. Cant wait to see their reactions when they find out who she stays with... ;) Well... here's the georgeous man! I really need to cool down now after seeing this movie... *eternal sigh* ;)

doesn't his mere existence make you SHIVER?

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June 12, 2004

Well, I have been trying to get around doing HTML all day and this is the best so far,  already I am TIRED AND SICK of it but I really want to learn at least something basic but with no one telling you its really freaking hard! Well Gotta go and keep working on that here's one of my favorite Keanu pics. Doesn't he look innocent ... ;) *sigh*

Oh my sweet Prince...

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How to blog...

Hi there! i know its been a while but summer has already started and its now that I get to work around this blog. I have to get around it and as I understand how to work it, you'll see cooler templates and much fun Keanu stuff...  I just want to get around it first.


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